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Missing perspectives of women in Covid-19 news

Missing perspectives of women in Covid-19 news

A recently released report, “The Missing Perspectives of Women in COVID-19 News: A special report on women’s under-representation in news media,” examines women’s representation in COVID-19 newsgathering and news coverage in six countries across the world: India, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, the U.K. and the U.S. It uncovers a substantial bias towards men’s perspectives in both newsgathering and news coverage of the pandemic, spanning across all regions. The absence of women’s perspectives in COVID-19-related news coverage can be seen as both a cause and a consequence of the fact that women have limited influence over the framing of the crisis in the news and, consequently, limited influence over policy decisions. This means that women are at ever-greater risk of being further marginalised amid what is increasingly being seen as the most significant global health crisis of our lifetimes.

The report can be accessed here:
The Missing Perspectives of Women in COVID-19 News (

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