Bonding over politics and book talk

Members of the Network of Women in Media, Bangalore (NWMB) got together at the Press Club in the last week of March for a session featuring two speakers (both network members):  Chitra Ahanthem providing insights into the political situation in the northeastern region in general and Manipur in particular in the wake of the recent Assembly elections, and Radhika MB speaking about the experiences that led to her book on "visa wives" in the US. 

Debunking the north-eastern ‘Saffron Wave’ 
Chitra Ahanthem, NWMI member from Manipur, busts myths about the recent ‘saffron wave’ that is supposed to have swept some of the states in northeastern India, and questions the terminology of ‘North East’ itself.

The Story Behind Visa Wives
Radhika MB speaks about how she came to write ‘Visa Wives: Emigration Stories of Indian Women in the US’. The genesis of the book lay in her own personal challenges, battling depression and loneliness as a ‘visa wife’.

Chitra Ahanthem and Radhika MB