The Second NWMI Fellowship for Women Journalists

Results to be announced on March 31
The Network of Women in Media, India, a forum for women media professionals from across the country, has instituted a fellowship for women journalists. The Network seeks to support promising women journalists working in challenging situations, remote areas or conflict zones, often without regular pay or proper equipment. Young women from Adivasi, Dalit and minority communities face immense hardships while trying to be journalists. Many new entrants to the profession do not have access to professional training or mentoring, and several such struggling journalists are even denied the bylines that could help build up their body of work. Yet, we know they represent a pool of immense talent and commitment to journalism that could bloom, given a little encouragement.
The NWMI Fellowship, spontaneously initiated in 2017, aims tosupport deserving women journalists as an act of professional solidarity. The fellowship is entirely based on voluntary contributions of money, material and other resources from members of the network.

The fellowship consists of:

-         a modest monthly stipend for one year
-         refurbished equipment such as laptop, camera, smart phone, voice recorder
-         contacts with media houses and editors
-         mentorship to help pitch ideas, present and edit stories
-         skill sharing
APPLICATION CRITERIA: Women journalists who are residents of India, from Adivasi, Dalit, religious/ethnic minorityor other disadvantaged groups, working in any Indian language,in any medium – print, television, radio, online– as well as  photojournalists are eligible to apply.
APPLICATION PROCESS: Applicants must write to with their CV and sample(s) of their journalistic work (preferably published), along with a covering letter describing the circumstances in which they function. While the work samples can be in any Indian language, the covering letter must be in English.
Applications will be screened by aselection committee comprising NWMI members and shortlisted candidates will be requested to have a conversation with one or more committee members over Skype or phone.
DEADLINE for application: March 15, 2018.
For more information on the NWMI Fellowship, 2017:

Read about Jayanti Buruda, recipient of the first NWMI Fellowship for Women Journalists, here 

Applications for the current round of fellowships are now closed.  A big thank you to all applicants. The results  will be annouced on March 31.