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The Hunger Project announces the fourth Sarojini Naidu Prize

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The Hunger Project announces the fourth Sarojini Naidu Prize for Best Reporting on Women and Panchayati Raj

The Hunger Project announces the fourth Sarojini Naidu Prize for Best
Reporting on Women and Panchayati Raj, in support and encouragement of the vital contribution that the media can make to India's future. Named in
honour of a champion of women's causes, Sarojini Naidu, the Rs 2-lakh prize each will be awarded to three journalists on 2 October, 2004.

The press plays a critical role in India. Throughout the twentieth century, India's media have participated in the Freedom Movement, generated response to famine and disaster, and strengthened Indian democracy. India's new constitutional commitment to women's leadership in the Panchayati Raj is the next unfolding of human freedom and development in India.

Through accurate and increased coverage of the historic process of women's
participation in Panchayati Raj; including their battles to achieve hard-won success; democracy can be a reality in India.

Given the critical role of the press in this historic process, The Hunger Project is committed to supporting the press to energetically and prominently report the breakthroughs and success stories of women's leadership in Panchayati Raj.

The Sarojini Naidu Prize annually honors three journalists for outstanding reporting on women and Panchayati Raj. The awards will be presented in three categories:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Other Indian Languages

Each prize includes a Rs. 2 lakhs cash award to enable the reporter to continue his or her work on this issue.

The Third Sarojini Naidu Prize was given to three journalists on 2 October,
2003. The prizewinners were Ms. Maitreyi Pushpa (writer and novelist) for
Hindi; to Mr. Joaquim Fernandes, Navhind Times, Goa, for English; and to
Mr. Dileep Chandan, Asam Bani, Assam, in the Other Indian Language category.

The prize is limited to reporting in the print media in the country. Only
articles published in newspapers and magazines are eligible for the award.
Copies of the articles may be sent directly to address given below.

Entries must be submitted by 15 July 2004 to the address given below:

Country Director
The Hunger Project
Second Floor
B-3/18, Vasant Vihar
New Delhi 110057

For further information regarding The Hunger Projec's work in India and the Sarojini Naidu Prize please write to us at the above address or e-mail us at

The Jury:

Chairperson Ajit Bhattacharjea
Director, Press Institute of India
Members Syeda S. Hameed
Writer, Human Rights Activist
N. S Jagannathan
Former Editor-in-chief, Indian Express
Usha Rai
Development Journalist and Editor
George Mathew
Director, Institute of Social Sciences


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