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Rina to the NWMI

Dear Shama,

I have seen this letter which was pasted on the website: much earlier. The letter was actually presented to the Labour Commissioner as an annexure.

I stand by every word I have said. It is now the turn of the prosecution to take over; and hence I do not want to say anything more.

But the fact that one of the signatories happens to be Elora Sen, Sports Editor, who is incidentally a member of the Sexual Harassment Committee constituted to look into mine and similar cases, speaks volumes about The Statesman and its management.

Such a committee is not just "ornamental" but a farce, is something easily borne out by the letter you have received. (You already know that The Statesman has refused to use its Committee to hold an inquiry into the matter.)

The fact that a female journalist betrays the just cause of another is something you must also take note of.

Love and regards,

Rina Mukherji.

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