National Meet News

Website report at Mumbai meet, 2004

The NWMI website was officially launched in February 2003. Almost a year later, we look back at how our online endeavour has fared, and are happy with what we find: the number of people coming to the website has been steadily increasing. Below is a short compilation of the site statistics which show the traffic coming to the site, feedback sent by users who frequent the site and have found it very useful and comments on the potential of the website to reach out and make a difference.

Pritha Sen: The website is a wonderful job done. Congratulations. But how does one e-mail a page to someone else?
Margaret Gallagher: A fabulous site! Packed with useful information. Looks great too. Congratulations to all concerned.
Rina Mukherji: It would nice if a few more pertinent and pointed issues are addressed. The website could also report on issues the commercial media houses are reluctant to take up and set a precedent.
Josmi Sodhi: I did some research on your organization for a Gender and Media course I am taking in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. I am proud to be an Indian woman and I plan to be a lawyer. Congratulations on a fabulous site!
Subrahmanyam Saripaka: I chanced upon this site while searching for something else on Google. But I am pleasantly surprised to know about the existence of such a well-equipped site on Journalism & Media. It is a very very useful site for anyone wanting to know about the media
Dhaarini: I came across your website through a yahoo search last week. At the first sight, I was captivated by the motive of your website, 'to promote and encourage the women in media'. I am a student of journalism and mass communication in Xavier Institute of communications in Mumbai. In my most humble opinion, beginners like me can benefit extremely from interaction with stalwarts of the profession. I was wondering if you could probably, include a section which takes care of the above request.
Vartika Nanda: Good website. Keep it up.
Carolyn M Byerly: I think you are doing awesome work with this website, and though it is a lot of work, it is also so valuable to those of us who use it.