The Network of Women in Media, India, is an association which aims to provide a forum for women in media professions to share information and resources, exchange ideas, promote media awareness and ethics, and work for gender equality and justice within the media and society. Local groups linked to the NWMI are currently functioning in 16 centres across the country.


Dalvi, Editor, Mumbai edition, Awadhnama faces many cases in different Mumbai police stations and threats

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The portal is a unique Internet "safe space" for women created by women

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The International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF) rewarded 3 extraordinary women journalists for their courageous reporting from conflict zones.

Ahmedabad: The Network of Women in Media, India (NWMI), a national collective of women journalists, which concluded its 11th national meeting on Sunday, 28 September appeals to media establishments across the country to treat freelance journalists, of whom women constitute a large proportion, professionally and fairly.

Just one of the 25 highest circulation newspapers in the world – India has seven on that list -- has a woman in the top editorial post. For this report on the state of female newsroom leadership, Nieman Reports interviewed more than 40 academics, media entrepreneurs, investors, publishers, executives, and current and former editors from more than two dozen organisations. 

"In all the pictures I've taken behind the scenes, it's always overcrowded with stampeding men without a single wisp of anything womanly."  Meeta Ahlawat describes her frustration at having to fight for her place as a news photographer -- and also the adrenaline rush of seeing the photographs that she has shot in the next day's newspaper.